Suwabes was founded in 2020, in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The lockdown was a time of seclusion, fear, and sadness that led many of us to crave the outside world. These feelings inspired a desire for connection with other people. This is when our vision was born, a vision where people gathered under the sun by the waves and on the beach. As we continue with our lives, it is important to remember what we learned during that time: to explore the outside and to never take it for granted.

Beach Volleyball Destination

South Padre Island

Suwabes is excited to bring you “Labor Day Weekend 2024” a series of beach volleyball tournaments, fitness activities and entertainment. This event will take place in South Padre Island (Fridays, Aug. 30 - Sunday, Sept. 1).

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Take the challenge


Suwabes is excited to bring you“SWB Tournaments 2024”a series of beach volleyball tournaments in Brownsville and South Padre Island that will help learn, promote and grow the sport of beach volleyball in South Texas.

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Meet People and Have Fun


The CP Summer League begins August 9! Join us for Men|Womens 2s action every Friday until CHAMPIONSHIP September 21! Join to have a flexible schedule, multiple games, partner selection and a great workout!

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Training | Camps | Clinics


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Merch With A Message

Browse through our collection of innovative and inspired designs. Our artwork aims to cultivate a culture of respect for humans, creatures and nature. The message behind our writing strives to inspire people to contemplate different views and perspectives on mental health. Crafted with care and attention to detail, our products are designed to provide superior comfort, a fashionable look and essential needs.